The Tourvicci Family
Placeholder person
Location Liberty City
Founded by Vito Tourvicci
Years active 1983 - ?
Territory Unknown
Ethnicity Sicilian, Sicilian-American
Fronts Unknown
Members Vito Tourvicci
Bruno Tourvicci
Activities Contract killing, extortion, gambling
Alies The Leone Family
Rivals Unknown
The Tourvicci crime family is an Sicilian-American Mafia family based in Liberty City, U.S.A. The family was founded and headed by Don Vito Tourvicci from 1983 to 2004. It is unknown who headed the family afterwards.


After Vito "Ace" Tourvicci had established many important connections and friendships, and amassed a fortune from 16 years of gambling, he finally achieved his dream: forming his own Mafia family, the Tourvicci Family. Although the family kept a low profile, they

Historical LeadershipEdit


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