"I’m proud of you, Happy. You learn everything I teach you and I’m sure you’ll surpass me before long. Just be careful and don’t overestimate yourself. That is the most important lesson of all."
Oscar Padilla, to his brother Osa in Monterrey, Mexico on June 30th, 1999
Oscar Padilla
Placeholder person
Full Name: Oscar Padilla
Introduced In: Intermission 1, "A Coalition of Sorrows;" LCS II
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Male
Born: 1970
Place of Birth: Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Family: Osa Padilla (younger brother)
Home/HQ: Unknown
Weapon(s): Unknown
Vehicle(s): Uknown

Oscar Padilla was the leader of the criminal organization the Mexican Mafia, and the older brother of Osa Padilla.


Early lifeEdit

Oscar Padilla was born in 1970 in Mexico.

The "Mexican Mafia"Edit

Downfall and demiseEdit





Notes and referencesEdit

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