Nicholas Preston III
Placeholder person
Full Name: Nicholas Preston III
Introduced In: Prologue; LCS III
Nickname(s): Nick
Gender: Male
Born: 1981
Place of Birth: Australia
Nationality: Australian
Family: Nicholas Preston, Jr. (father, deceased)
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"Ah, Jasper. I haven’t had this much fun since I collected nipples. You remember that?"
Nicholas Preston III, in a conversation with his chauffeur Jasper

Nicholas "Nick" Preston III is the CEO of Nick 'Em Global Networks, and a character in Liberty City Survivor III.


Early lifeEdit

Nicholas Preston III was born in 1981 in Melbourne, Australia, to the wealthy Preston family, an Australian family who own the media company Nick 'Em Global Networks. At age 13, in 1996, Nick was sent to a Melbourne mental institution after his parents realized his disturbingly psychotic behavior. Nick lived in the asylum for five years, until he decided to escape in 2001. Deciding he should control his family's company, he murdered both his mother and father, as well as the family's lawyer.

The rise of Nick 'Em Global NetworksEdit

Liberty City Survivor IIIEdit

Noteable murders committedEdit