McGregor "Flapper" Smith
Placeholder person
Full name McGregor Smith (real name unknown)
Appearance(s) LCS II
Gender Male
Born 1933
Age 70
Died 2003
Aliases McGregor Smith
Faction(s) Smith
Family Mrs. Smith (wife, deceased)

Andre Smith (son)

Title(s) Crime Boss
First appearance Prologue, "Where It All Begins"
Last appearance Chapter 1, "Love's Requiem"
Home Luxury yacht in Portland waters
Weapon(s) Desert Eagle
Vehicle(s) Private yacht

"I’m so sorry… I love you!”"
McGregor "Flapper" Smith

McGregor Smith was a mafia boss and a contestant in the second season of Liberty City Survivor.<ref>Liberty City Survivor II Character Bios


Early lifeEdit

McGregor Smith was born in Sicily in 1933 to a wealthy mafia family. Shortly after his birth, Smith and his father fled to Liberty City in the United States after an explosion at their mansion caused by a rival mafia organization killed the rest of their family.