Mario Cerone
Placeholder person
Full name Mario Cerone
Appearance(s) LCS 1
Gender Male
Born 1960's
Died 2001
First appearance Prologue, "Where It All Began;" Liberty City Survivor
Last appearance Chapter 1, "First Blood;" Liberty City Survivor
Home Shoreside Vale

"Good boy. You see, I don’t make mistakes. Leaving a window open, waiting for the stupid attacker. It’s all tactics. Now, prepare to die."
Mario Cerone, in a fight with Johnny Buckshot

Mario Cerone was an associate and personal friend of Tommy Vercetti, and a contestant in the first season of Liberty City Survivor.


Early lifeEdit

Mario Cerone was born in at least 1969, since he was arrested in 1987. Nothing is really known about his early life, apart that at some point before 1986, he lived in Vice City, and became a career criminal.

Later yearsEdit

Mario Cerone became a trusted friend and associate of criminal mastermind Tommy Vercetti in 1986. Sometime afterwards, he lived in Las Venturas, San Andreas, for several months. In 1987, on a trip to Liberty City, Mario was set up and arrested for the murder of a woman and her child. Unsure of who set him up, Mario was forced to serve 14 years in prison, before he made parole in 2001. After making parole, he was automatically set up to enter the first Liberty City Survivor competition.

Liberty City SurvivorEdit


In the first day of the competition, at 2:00 AM, while planning his first move at his home, Johnny Buckshot snuck into Mario's house in Cedar Grove in an attempt to murder him, only to be caught by Mario. However, in the middle of holding Buckshot by gunpoint, molotov cocktails from Marcos Rafael Chavez were thrown into his house. Buckshot escaped in the firey chaos, and Chavez managed to break into the house by kicking in the back door. After chasing Chavez down and cornering him, Mario aimed his gun at him, preparing to execute Chavez; however, before he could fire the shot, Mario was stabbed in the back of the neck with a kitchen knife by Johnny Buckshot. Buckshot and Chavez escaped, leaving a dying Mario Cerone in his crumbling, destroyed villa.



Mario isn't shown as having an especially strong personality, but is shown being quite a tactician, and being somewhat ruthless. He shows no remorse as he attempts to kill both Johnny Buckshot and Marcos Rafael Chavez, but that could be partially because he has to kill them to advance in the competition.


Mario is a white man, and, presumably, of Italian heritage. He is described as having brown, spiky hair, and is depicted wearing a black polo shirt, nice khaki pants, black tennis shoes, and blue lens glasses.


  • Mario Cerone was the first person to be killed in Liberty City Survivor, and the first to be killed in a Survivor competition.
  • Mario Cerone may be the "Mario" that the Vercetti Gang members always mention, seeing as both lived in Vice City and worked for Tommy Vercetti.