John Bennett
Placeholder person
Full Name: John Charles Bennett
Introduced In: Prologue; Liberty City Survivor
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Male
Born: 1965
Place of Birth: Liberty City, U.S.A.
Nationality: American
Family: Deceased mother
Home/HQ: Various
Weapon(s): Various
Vehicle(s): Stolen taxi cab
John Charles Bennett[1] (1965 - 2001) was a former mafia hitman, and a contestant in the first season of Liberty City Survivor[2].


Early lifeEdit

John Bennett was born in 1965 in, presumably, Liberty City[3]. Not much is known about his early life, except that he may have been raised by a single mother. [4] At some point in his life, although not known when, he took up a life of crime, eventually become a hitman for the mafia in Liberty City, presumably the Leone Family. At some point before the Millenium, (presumably in the 1980's or early 1990's) he was well-respected in Liberty's underworld, and even looked up to by his peers.

Life as a hitmanEdit

By 2001, John had become an excellent hitman, but was reduced to doing small-time assassinations for minor sums of money. After a gang-related hit at some point in early or mid-2001, John was wanted for the murder of fifteen Triad gang members, and also for the deaths of eleven innocents in an attempt to escape from the police. After three months of hiding, he was caught by the police after attempting to steal a taxi cab.

Liberty City SurvivorEdit

At some point (in at least August or September), after he was put on parole, John Bennett decided to enter to the reality show Liberty City Survivor, a new television game show where paroled men would fight and kill each other (until there was only one survivor) for a cash prize and freedom.





According to a later description, John Bennett is described as being short, wide and stocky, with short, dark hair, brown eyes, a square, often stubbly face, with a usually stoic facial expression. According to his character bio, he is seen wearing baggy blue jeans with a black and blue t-shirt under a green vest.

Murders committedEdit



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