Joey Goterelli
Full name Joey Goterelli
Appearance(s) LCS
Gender Male
Born 1955
Age 46 (LCS)
48 (LCS II)
49 (LCS III)
Faction(s) Leone Family (formerly)
Retrieval (co-leader)
Title(s) Hitman (? - 2001)
First appearance Prologue, "Where It All Began;" Liberty City Survivor II
Home Various hideouts in Liberty City
Weapon(s) Desert Eagle
Vehicle(s) Sentinel (formerly)

"I feel old, John. The world is running away from me. But I have one last purpose, believe it or not. I have found something... And I have to act. Because if I don't, nobody will... And this is important."
Joey Goterelli

Joey Goterelli was a former mafia hitman, and a contestant in the first season of Liberty City Survivor.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Joey Goterelli was born in 1955 in Liberty City.[2] Not much is known about his early years, other than the fact that he became a career criminal at some point and eventually worked as a hitman for the Liberty City Families, presumably for the Leone Family.

Life as a hitmanEdit

Liberty City SurvivorEdit

Liberty City Survivor IIEdit

Liberty City Survivor IIIEdit



Joey is described as being a cold and calculated killer, do to his past experience as a hitman. When on a contract or mission, he shows little regard to taking human life, and rarely shows emotion. However, after the events of the first season of LCS, he is shown showing remorse for the people he had killed, namely John Bennett (who, ironically, was known as being a cold-blooded mafia hitman as well).


Prior to winning the first season of LCS, Joey was described as white (presumably of Italian heritage), and having short dark hair, a stern and stubbly face, and a fit build. He also typically wore suits, along with his signature mirror-lens sunglasses.

During the events Liberty City Survivor II, Joey is seen sporting a similar appearance, although his hair had turned completely gray. A scar also appeared on his left cheek of his face from the screwdriver wound he obtained from John Bennett at the end of the first season.

After forming Retrieval with second season "Survivor" Mark "Right n' Wong" Wong, Joey is seen wearing the Retrieval uniform: black pants, shoes, shirt, vest, tie, and cabbie hat.

Noteable murders committedEdit

  • Johnny Buckshot (murdered for being a rival contestant in Liberty City Survivor)
  • John Teik (murdered for being a rival contestant in Liberty City Survivor, and for conspiring with long-time enemy Peter Manilla)
  • Peter Manila (murdered for betraying him and setting him up to be arrested)
  • John Bennett (murdered for being the final contestant in Liberty City Survivor)
  • Sean (murdered for attempting to execute Mark Wong)


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