James Madison
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A Man of Brutal Justice
Full Name: James Madison
Introduced In: Prologue, "Where It All Begins;" LCS II
Nickname(s): The Outlaw
Gender: Male
Born: 1958
Place of Birth: Southern Texas
Nationality: American
Family: None
Home/HQ: Apartment in Newport
Weapon(s): Dual Colt .357 Pythons; pump-action shotgun; lasso
Vehicle(s): Deep midnight blue Yosemite pickup truck with off-road tires

"I could have killed you. I waited too long. But no matter, I have you here now."
James Madison, in a showdown with Osa Padilla

James "The Outlaw" Madison was a professional bounty hunter, and a contestant in the second season of Liberty City Survivor.


Early lifeEdit

James Madison was born in 1958 in southern Texas, U.S.A.

Life as a bounty hunterEdit

Noteable murders committedEdit